Our Dental Clinic Nogales

Our Dental Clinic in nogales was thoughtfully designed by Dr. Rivero for efficient patient care with the most modern, professional equipment. In addition, the design is aimed at keeping his patients and their guests comfortable.

We have the best dentists in the north of Sonora and Arizona with affordable rates. Patients can  save from 50% to 70% on all our dental treatments compared to United States.

Visit our dental clinic Nogales, and check all the treatments we have to fit your needs!.

We accept most Dental Insurance
We have low prices for all dental treatments
and your dental work is always guaranteed with us.

Come and experience complete dental care in a gentle and friendly environment

In our Dental Clinic Nogales, we take pride in adhering to the highest possible infection control standards.

We scrubs our hands before and after each appointment and always put on a new pair of disposable gloves.

We wear mask and protective eyewear. All instruments are regularly sterilized, and our handpieces are always sterilized between patients.
We use disposable supplies.

Waterlines are cleaned regularly according to standards published by the centers for disease control and prevention, protective barriers are placed on exposed surfaces, and we desinfect all other surfaces according to government standards.
We dispose of biodental waste and sharp instruments in safe containers provided by a biomedical disposal company.

We adhere to these infection control procedures because your health and welfare are very important to us.

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Dental Clinic Young Dental Nogales
Dental Clinic Young Dental NogalesAffordables prices in all dental treatments
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Young Dental Nogales
Located at:
Ave. Ruiz Cortines, No. 9 Nogales, Sonora, Mexico 84000 ,Nogales,
Phone: (520) 604-0382